University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The Department of Studies on Language and Culture includes a vast array of disciplines and subjects ranging from European languages and cultures to anthropology, history, philosophy, linguistics, sociology, law and economics. The sociological area of research is based on interdisciplinary team work and systematic connections with institutions (public administrations, schools, healthcare services, non-profit organisations). It concerns facilitation and promotion of social participation; cultural and linguistic mediation; forms of intercultural communication, prevention of discrimination and prejudice; production and management of conflicts; gender relations. The sociological team is well-known on a national and international scale for research, projects of intervention and training regarding children and young people and their interactions with adults, in particular in educational settings.

Who is working for SHARMED in Modena?


Prof. Dr. Claudio Baraldi

General Manager and supervisor of the project


Dr. Vittorio Iervese

Coordination of communication and dissemination


Claudio Del Rio

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Chiara Ballestri

Contracted Researcher

University Friedrich-Schiller of Jena

The Department of Intercultural Studies and Business Communication, founded 1992, is well-known on a national and international scale for its innovative didactics, which integrate different pedagogical and technical tools to create intercultural learning experiences. A dense network of Institutions and Organisations extend around its products and ideas like the Intercultural Campus.

Who is working for SHARMED in Jena?


Dr. Luisa Conti

Project Management, Head of research


Mathilde Berhault

Website and further online platforms

Further contributors to SHARMED's success in Jena


Silvia Godano

Organisation of the collaboration with schools in Thuringia


Natalia Meyer
Financial Supervisor

University Campus Suffolk

The Department of Children, Young People and Education, is committed to robust, innovative, applied research which has an impact. It specialises in creative research design and effective knowledge exchange, underpinned by the rigour of scholarship and the provision of high quality research and evaluation for statutory and non-statutory agencies located locally, nationally and internationally.


Drawing on the range of expertise, the Department adopts a transdisciplinary approach and works with national government, local authorities, charities and private sector companies. It offers substantial research experience, and a passion for designing robust, efficient solutions to develop exciting new research opportunities but to solving some tricky research problems also.


Who is working for SHARMED in Suffolk?


Dr. Federico Farini
Project Manager


Angela Scollan

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