Our innovative approach

SHARMED understands children as active constructors of knowledge, therefore encouraging them to share their thoughts and experiences.


SHARMED aims to integrate such approach into the process of learning and teaching in schools by applying a range of methods:


1. SHARMED invites teachers to encourage children’s active participation, being confident experts within their own stock of knowledge and experiences. Children are supported in approaching the multiplicity of competencies and diversity of cultural identities as an enrichment.


2. SHARMED creates a trustful atmosphere in the classroom by applying the specific techniques of dialogic facilitation in the moderation of interactions around the competences and needs of the children.


3. SHARMED improves the visual competence of the children by communicating children through, about and with pictures. Using self-produced or freely chosen photographs children are stimulated to exchange memories or on actual circumstances, towards a dialogic construction of knowledge.


4. The SHARMED experience is shared on the Internet through an interactive, open access archive of pictures and stories and a learning-platform aimed to inspire and support teachers interested in using dialogic didactic to achieve inclusion in their classrooms and school.




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