Our plan

The project SHARMED takes place in 48 school classes within the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.


2016 Training in intercultural dialogue and facilitation techniques for selected teachers.


2017 Activities in the classroom, organised in four sessions.

Skilled facilitators lead the the workshop, the communicative process and the critical reflection on it. Over these stages the children will acquire intercultural competencies as well as knowledge about subjects like the arts, history and geography.


2018 Advanced training for further multipliers is conducted.

In addition to that, broad web-based learning platform and an interactive archive, to share photographs and stories are launched.


SHARMED is a research-action project in which research and practice are combined. All activities are backed by scientific research and are continuously analysed, evaluated and perfected by the research team in coordination with teachers and other subjects involved in the project. SHARMED international team have complementary scientific interests and skills, securing an optimized implementation of the project.



Our target group

SHARMED is aimed to children from migrant background aged 9 to 11 and their classmates, as well as all to children’s families and teachers.


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