newsletter - issue 4 - July 2017
SHARMED is an action-research project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is coordinated by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), in partnership with the University of Suffolk (UK) and the Frederich-Schiller University of Jena (Germany). With SHARMED diversity gets to the centre of the learning experience, fostering inclusive dialogic processes, particularly with an eye to children of migrant background.
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Teachers, Children and Parents

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SHARMED Activities
Coming to an End

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Learning Platform

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This summer SHARMED is continuing its tour in Europe with presentations on methodology and results within relevant events and conferences in several European cities:
- Frankfurt (D), 28-30.04.2017: 8° JugendFestival (Youth Festival) dr. Vittorio Iervese run a workshop on SHARMED methodology;
- Treviso (I), 28.06.2017: Dr. Vittorio Iervese took part in the conference titled: “Cosa guardi? La cultura delle immagini” (What are you watching? The culture of images) within the programme MiBACT Photography, launched by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT)”.
- Milano (I), 20-23.07.2017: Campus Party Italia – The Festival for innovation and creativity, place for sharing and changing ( Dr. Vittorio Iervese will present: “Memory as creative technology. Relationship between engrams and exograms and costruction of realty within the SHARMED project”.
- Athens, 29.08/01.09.2017: ESA Conference. Prof. Claudio Baraldi and dr. Vittorio Iervese will participate in the conference of European Sociological Association (RN04 – Sociology of Childhood and Children) with two speeches on materials collected within the SHARMED project. (

Teachers, Children and Parents meet SHARMED

Throughout the past weeks, the parents of children participating in SHARMED activities were able to get in contact with our teams in the different Countries.
In Italy, meetings on SHARMED outcomes and pre- and post- test results have been held in Marconi, Calvino and Gramsci schools (at Cittadella school the meeting will take place in September), with involvement of 250 students and 12 teachers. All parents received a letter on tests results; at Gramsci school they also had the opportunity to meet researchers of the Italian SHARMED team and to discuss with them.
In Germany, about 80 parents participated in school meetings to learn about SHARMED, together with the teachers involved. Project leader Dr. Luisa Conti and her colleague Laura Frey presented SHARMED and talked about data security concerning the children’s photos that have been collected. All parents were satisfied with the decision on the photos being available to users on a platform specifically set up for SHARMED which can only be accessed via a personal account and password. Both parents and teachers were excited and interested in the possible effects of the SHARMED activities on their children and classrooms.

SHARMED Activities Coming to an End

After school’s end in Italy, a very exciting time is closing up for the SHARMED Team in Jena, Germany and Suffolk, England: classroom activities at all participating schools are having their final workshops.
Over 70 hours of video material and about 400 photos were collected with the kind support of the multimedia team of Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, Germany. About 60 activities were held by SHARMED trainers throughout the past three months. Even though the material has yet to be analyzed more closely, we already know that meaningful moments took place in the course of the classroom workshops. Children talked about important memories of their past, laughed together and shared touching stories with their classmates. The trainers reported on some students using the opportunity of the activities to open up and tell stories which they usually would not have told. We are looking forward to look at the material more closely and find out more about the impact of the classroom workshops.
Focus Group-Interviews
Each workshop series at the participating schools ends with a focus group interview. In the past month, already 14 of these were held by Laura Frey, SHARMED’s deputy project leader in Jena, Germany, to close up classroom activities. The interviews showed that the children’s reactions to the classroom activities varied highly. Younger children enjoyed choosing their picture and presenting it to their classmates a lot whereas some of the older children seemed to have more difficulties talking about personal matters to their peers. The trainers gave their best to set an atmosphere where everyone was able to feel comfortable. Children also responded differently to the didactic method applied by the SHARMED trainers in the classroom.

The SHARMED Learning Platform

At the beginning of 2017, SHARMED officially launched its new learning platform. All teachers and other people interested in the field have the opportunity to access the material via Glocal Campus ( after signing up. The material is sorted in 7 different topics concerning didactics. Besides many written documents, the platform also offers video material created by SHARMED-researchers of all three Universities involved.
Topics like “intercultural communication”, “memory and narration” or “photography and dialogue” are being covered. Additionally to the didactics material, our guests will also find the output of our first teacher training in 2016. With their own account, the platform users are also welcome to make use of the forum to ask questions or share thoughts about SHARMED-input and learning experience or to get in direct contact with each other. The content of the SHARMED-platform will be enriched with the results of our research throughout the project. We are looking forward to many conversations and ideas sparked by the platform and are currently working on opening the platform also for our English and Italian audience.

The SHARMED blog

SHARMED researchers want to share part of their exciting work with children, and namely the pictures and the stories they are collecting during in class activities with colleagues, teachers and all public interested. The blog SHARMED STORIES has been set up on this purpose at and will present 2 main types of stories
  • stories from SHARMED schools: researchers will tell about in class activities, and more specifically about meaningful moments and stories happened, by picking some pictures up from the recordings and telling about the stories and the children behind . This will be done by respecting the children and families’ privacy, hiding names and faces from the posts.
  • stories from SHARMED partners: researchers and staff from the national SHARMED teams (Italy, Germany and United Kingdom) will present themselves using the SHARMED approach: starting from a photo from their past and telling a story about themselves.
The plan for the future is to start collect stories also from SHARMED followers.
Are you ready ? Stay tuned, stay SHARMED.


With SHARMED diversity gets to the centre of the learning experience, fostering inclusive didactic processes, particularly with an eye to children of migrant background. By integrating the context of each individual in the class, the pupils will be offered the opportunity to use photographs to narrate their personal and family memories.
Working with teachers, children and their parents/carers, SHARMED combines dialogue with intercultural education.
Are you a teacher, a pupil or a parent/carer?
In the Sharmed web-site there is a specific section for you. Just click here!


Università di Modena e Reggio-Emilia
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
University of Suffolk


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