newsletter - issue 1 - September 2016
SHARMED is an action-research project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is coordinated by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), in partnership with the University of Suffolk (UK) and the Frederich-Schiller University of Jena (Germany). With SHARMED diversity gets to the centre of the learning experience, fostering inclusive dialogic processes, particularly with an eye to children of migrant background.
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in Jena

On 24-25 August...


In June 2016 a first...


Many contacts...


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Although its early stages...


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Meeting in Jena

On 24-25 August the second meeting of the project partners was held in Jena (Germany). This meeting follows the one held in January in Modena (photo 1,  photo 2,  photo 3,  photo 4), where the research partners had established the action plan for the first part of the project.
Many topics were discussed in Jena, including: the definition of training for teachers; the schedule of meetings with schools; the definition of the first set of questionnaires to get the feedback from the target; the design of archiving and dissemination tools.
The following people attended the meeting: Claudio Baraldi, Mathilde Berhault, Luisa Conti, Federico Farini, Silvia Godano, Vittorio Iervese, Beverley Nightingale. The next meeting is scheduled at the end of January 2017.

Background questionnaire

In June 2016 a first set of background questionnaires relevant to improving our knowledge of the classes involved in the project was distributed. Together with general data on the children (age, sex, origin, language spoken, etc.) the questionnaire aims to collect more information about the relationship within peers and between children and adults in school. The questionnaire covers various topics, e.g. personal relationships and conflicts in the classroom, that are expected to be addressed in the activities planned for the next school year.
The number of feedbacks received is very high, showing a high participation of children in this preliminary phase of the project.

Partner schools

Many contacts have been activated for selecting the schools participating in the SHARMED project in the three partner countries. We thank all involved people for the time given and the enthusiasm shown for the project and send all of them our best wishes for the start of the school year.
-Scuola Primaria Cittadella, Modena
-Scuola Primaria Gramsci, Modena
-Scuola Secondaria di I grado Marconi, Modena
-Scuola Secondaria di I grado Calvino, Modena
-Scuola Ezio Giacich, Monfalcone (Udine)
-Scuola Duca D'Aosta, Monfalcone (Udine)
-Scuola Gianni Rodari, Udine

-Parkschule Bad Salzungen Staatliche Grundschule, Bad Salzungen
-Gemeinschaftsschule „Am Roten Berg“, Erfurt
-Moritzschule Erfurt Staatliche Grundschule, Erfurt
-Mosewaldschule GS, Eisenach
-Europagrundschule „Am Stadtsee“, Stendal
-Grundschule „Petrikirchhof“, Stendal
-Staatliche Gemeinschaftsschule „Am Inselsberg“, Tabarz
-Gemeinschaftsschule "G.E. Lessing", Salzwedel
-Grundschule Astrid Lindgren, Kalbe (Milde)

-Wimbledon Chase Primary School, Wimbledon
-Sunnyfields Primary School, North West London
-St.Joseph Infant School, Leyton /td>


Facebook page

The Facebook page of the SHARMED project has been launched. You are invited to visit it, register and send your comments, suggestions and any hint that might serve to make SHARMED a place for ideas on dialogue and working with children.  

SHARMED on tour

Although its early stages, the SHARMED project is already travelling, attracting the attention of researchers all over Europe. In the recent months many contacts were created, and a number of education stakeholders have joined as sponsors or supporters of the project. The objectives, methodology, theoretical bases and potential of the SHARMED project was presented in many events:
- 06.05.2016 (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) Claudio Baraldi and Vittorio Iervese conducted a seminar on Sharmed with the participation of 32 teachers and students from the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (D).
- 11-13.05.2016 (Universitat de Barcellona) Vittorio Iervese presented SHARMED in the Major Stakeholder Conference (MSC) "Co-creating Agendas for Culture in Europe. Memory, Inclusion, Creativity" in the framework of the CulturalBase project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.
- 24.06.2016 (IVSA conference - International Visual Sociology Association - Lillehammer). In the session 8B “Children and learning visually” Vittorio Iervese presentend the paper: "Photographies as condensed narratives. SHARMED, an action-research in multicultural classrooms".
- 28.06.2016 (Department of Education and Psychology of University of Florence) Vittorio Iervese met the staff of "META – Minorities Education through Art", another Erasmus KA 3 project.
- 06-07.07.2016 (Ministry of Education – Rome). Vittorio presented Sharmed in a workshop on integration at school organized by “Direzione Generale per lo studente, l'integrazione e la partecipazione – MIUR”.
- 11.07.2016 (Forum ISA: International Sociology Association – Vienna). In the jont session "Language in Children’s Socialisation" organised by Federico Farini, Claudio Baraldi presented the paper: Facilitating Narratives of Memories in Classroom Interactions.
- 12.07.2016 (Forum ISA: International Sociology Association – Vienna). In the session: "Challenges to the Sociology of Childhood – Marginal and Interdisciplinary Knowledge on Childhhod" Claudio Baraldi and Vittorio Iervese presented the paper: Narratives of Memories As a Way of Changing Children’s Future.
- 14.07.2016 (FRA: Fundamental Rights Association – Wien). Claudio Baraldi and Vittorio Iervese presented SHARMED to dr. Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, , Head of Equality and Citizens' Rights Department and dr. Sheena Keller member of the Agency’s Roma and Migrant Integration sector.



With SHARMED diversity gets to the centre of the learning experience, fostering inclusive didactic processes, particularly with an eye to children of migrant background. By integrating the context of each individual in the class, the pupils will be offered the opportunity to use photographs to narrate their personal and family memories.
Working with teachers, children and their parents/carers, SHARMED combines dialogue with intercultural education.
Are you a teacher, a pupil or a parent/carer?
In the Sharmed web-site there is a specific section for you. Just click here!


Università di Modena e Reggio-Emilia
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
University of Suffolk


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