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The SHARMED project has been presented at the TACTYC Conference.
The programme is available on the website:

TACTYC is the most important association for professional development of educators working with young children  in the UK , and its scope focuses also in  working with children of primary school age.

Teacher Training in Jena and Stendal

This month we had two trainings for our teachers participating in SHARMED to support them with their task in their multicultural classrooms. Both took place in Germany, one in Jena, Thuringia, (Nov. 4) and the other in Stendal, Saxonia-Anhalt (Nov. 7). Both events lasted for one day and were completed by around 9 participants each. Our hosts, Dr. Luisa Conti from the University Friedrich Schiller in Jena and Dr. Vittorio Iervese from University of Modena e Reggio Emilia in Italy, who could join us thanks to online video broadcasting, were very satisfied with the positive feedback they received from the participants. The same concept of trainings was also held in Monfalcone and Modena, Italy, and London, Great Britain, in the past weeks.


The teachers were given theoretical input on different aspects linked to dialogical facilitation as an alternative form to traditional teaching and were trained to observe the influence of actions and pedagogical settings on the development of the students’ agency. In this way they went through preparation for their upcoming role as observers: next spring our facilitators will lead four sessions with a similar concept with students in these teachers’ classrooms. To do so we were able to use video material from our pilot project to give practical examples and demonstrate situations that can occur in the classroom throughout the SHARMED activities. The videos showed the work of facilitators in this pilot project and could be used by our participating teachers to reflect on certain behaviors for their own performance in the classroom.


We are looking forward to seeing the new insights being put into action soon.

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